Saturday 7 February 2009

The St Michaels Hill Party

The University Lecturer who got to ski down St Michael's Hill managed to get a call of help out to the rest of the city -everyone else was stranded on the summit.

With the roads to the city closed, and the Herbert's Bakery delivery van failing to make it up from Montpelier, the only sources of food were Cafe Gusto, which serves good sandwiches but no beer, and the Highbury Vaults, which serves good beer, but no pies for vegetarians.

Cafe Gusto was overflowing, but it had food and coffee and managed to prevent the locals from having to fall back to cannibalism to survive, Donner Party style. There hasn't been a cannibalism incident in Kingsdown since the heavy-rain storm of 1992, when four centimetres of rain in 24 hour period forced the locals to eat household pets and elderly relatives to survive. this time, everyone was hoping the emergence of a set of cafes by the University would provide sustenance alongside Somerfields, and that such incidents would not be repeated.

By lunchtime ski conditions were sub-optimal, so for entertainment I sent the small child I own down the hill on a sledge. Note this is the side of the road with steps; gives it the same entertainment value as a grade 5 rafting route. It seemed passable, adding more pubs to the set of food-options for the area.

The other food source was the fish and chip shop on Horfield Road. These motorists who (wisely) abandoned their cars at the top of the hill had somewhere safe to go in and live of cod and chips with curry sauce until the police came to show them how to walk to work.

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