Saturday 21 February 2009

Green and Pleasant Land

Isn't Google Earth Wonderful?

Every day, snaps of pavement parking, stopping in yellow boxes, on yellow lines and other sundry demeanours are recorded by the satellites above us. And some of these images make their way onto Google. But the technology doesn't add to the Database, yet.

However, Google Earth can also help us understand many other things. Like just how much land we give to surface parking north of Bristol.

This is a random screen grab and a totally un-scientific Jackanory-style exercise in colouring the land available for the storage of cars. There's no funny punch-line to this post.


SteveL said...

The site in the middle is the HP site; all but a third has just been sold off to UWE, so of its parking spaces, 2/3 are empty until UWE opens those gates.

The MOD site has armed guards outside its parking; very secure.

The area on the left, UWE, is overflowing -about half of the B&Q car park to the north of this photo is now dedicated to student parking.

Quercus said...

So UWE is marching towards the MOD! I wonder who'll win?

My wife is just completing a masters in Urban Design @ UWE... and in their defence, I do think the 'U' bus routes in Bristol are better run and more considered than almost anything First/BCC provide. And it's a nice bicycle ride to the campus from Bristol too. Shame most of the students and staff don't seem to have discovered it yet.

SteveL said...

The U1-U5 buses are great, our interns all use them too. shame the full time HP and MOD staff don't use them. I use the bike path, its lovely, especially when summer comes and I can go off-road