Sunday 8 February 2009

Clifton: abandoned to the snow

The sight in The Mall, Clifton, is shocking. It must have been terrible here on Friday, given the damage all around village. It is surprising it hasn't made the national news: tens of drivers forced to abandon their cars in the streets of Clifton, as the snow closed the city down.

Even on Sunday, these cars haven't moved. The cars GK02ULL and R163PHG are stuck where their owners were forced to abandon them in the middle of the road.

There's still 10+ cm of snow around cars like Y961DBW, so there's clearly been no attempt at rescuing these cars.

In other parts of the city, things are settling down to normal. But here, everything is still chaos. Why has Clifton and its cars, cars like X984CAE, V431HKY and X292KUY been abandoned?

Why has Bristol City Council not come to the rescue of Clifton?

Equally shocking: why has the local press not picked up on this scandal?

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