Wednesday 4 February 2009

Winter Commuting

Tuesday morning's ride; Nugent Hill was, well, hairy.

Some cycling campaigners demand gritting and other facilities for bikes, and while it may make sense for the railway path, one big problem is that all the back roads of the city form the safe and quiet bike routes of the city.

Yet it is impossible to expect the council to grit every single back road of the city. Either different equipment is needed: studded tyres, or a bit of route replanning is in order.

And here's the route. Getting to here was a bit tricky -St Andrews was skittery, but up on the Purdown Camp escarpment, there's the tracks of 3 or 4 other bikes that chose the off-road option.

Looking forward to thursday's conditions - the snow is falling already


Thomas Guest said...

I just walked in today. You get more time to enjoy the snow scenery, and your hands are free for snowball fights.

SteveL said...

yeah. I walked the sprog to school -he was unhappy it wasn't closed, and am working from home. I had planned this anyway -dentist this afternoon- but guess who just cancelled their appointment? The dentist. Snow problems,