Saturday 7 February 2009

St Michael's Hill on skis

St Michael's Hill, as noted, was closed to cars except those that felt they were exempt from the road closed sign. It means that pedestrians had somewhere to walk -the middle of the road

Chris Hutt posts a link to an E.P. article, showing that earlier on that day, someone skied down the hill.

This skier is showing some good avalanche/mountain safety by descending early in the morning, when the avalanche risk is lowest and snowbridges hold up. However, the photographs do show that he had no lights on, and therefore was a threat to traffic. Furthermore he was not wearing a helmet. This was a dangerous example to other skiers, and we are surprised and disappointed that the local press is praising this person, rather than condemning him.


WestfieldWanderer said...

he had no lights on, and therefore was a threat to traffic. Furthermore he was not wearing a helmet.
But, on the bright side, he wasn't skiing on the pavement.
Doubtless there will be the usual demands from the "angry of Clifton" types for skiers to pay road tax and insurance if this sort of thing continues.

SteveL said...

Yes, and we could campaign for a skiing-city, with lifts to take us up park street and St Michael's Hill.

Tom T said...

Speaking as the culprit of that video - and asking for previous offences to be taken into consideration (Park Street, and the terrifying Marlborough Hill) - it has long seemed sensible to me to have a proper system of cable cars in Bristol, as a linked-up transport system. They could radiate out from a hub in the centre. They don't jam up the roads, they run off relatively small amounts of electricity because they are counter-weighted, they have no problem with hills, and they would, of course, allow greater use of roads by skiers etc.

SteveL said...

As someone who owns a pair of randonnee skis, and who has used them on Arthur's Seat Edinburgh and the Brecon Beacons, I think we don't need the cable cars. We need a large volcanic mountain within out city limits.

If we are to have a chair lift, I vote for Cumberland Road to Clifton. Everything will be downhill from there.