Friday 20 February 2009

The Troubles comes to Upper Cheltenham Place

The police ticketing of vehicles extends to more than just one taxi making it hard for passing cars, they have also visited the pavement of Upper Cheltenham Place.

This van T138RTA will go down in history as a vehicle to get a ticket purely for completely blocking the pavement of a quiet back road.

Where else is there to park a van in this area?

Similarly, the golf M554KAA which is always positioned here now gets to pay £30 for the right -a number which, amusingly, is not that far off the proposed annual residents parking fee had the area voted to become an RPZ.

It is going to be interesting to go by next week, next month, to see if there's been any change in driver behaviour, or whether it is an aberration.

Meanwhile, over in Brislington, residents are requesting police enforcement of parking and yellow-hatched-junctions. This is a dangerous trend.


Chris Hutt said...

I like the way you included a cyclist in each of those three pics. Did three come along at once or is it always busy with cyclists?

I suppose since people in Montpelier would have to walk in the road anyway they might as well cycle. Perhaps surreptitiously giving the pavements over to parking is part of Bristol's Cycling City strategy.

SteveL said...

It's the quietest way from Gloucester road to ashley hill, though heading in that direction you need to contraflow lower Cheltenham place, or do a steep uphill to Cobourg Road. I didn't have to wait long for bikes, so just timed the pics right -though I didnt get the camera strap out the way of one photo -annoying.