Sunday 15 February 2009

The Future!

We live in the Present.

Q. What does one do when all the parking spaces are already taken?

A. Simple: Park on the pavement. As the residents of Bristol know, and as the driver of CU04NRJ illustrates. This is in Redland, a genteel and sustainable part of the city.

Down in the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, however, cars have generally been banished from the pavements and now reside in the cycle lanes. This doesn't matter, though, as many citizens of this area are clearly ahead of the curve, having abandoned four wheels in favour of two. These right-thinking people are the Future.

So witness the Future:

To ask the question again, then:
Q. What does one do when all the parking spaces are all taken?

A. Simple. Park on the pavement. As the Present elite vanguard of Bristol's cycling citizens already do.

This, then, is the Future for the rest of us. Yet more pavement parking.

In the Past, no one would have thought that the two Sheffield stands near the Croft would ever be used at night, let alone be full by nine pm and result in such selfish nocturnal knock-on pavement parking by Bristol's gig-going elite....

By the way, the two stands on Nine Tree Hill provide effective parking for four bicycles. Or an incredible eight unicycles, for those with an eye even further into the Future!


WestfieldWanderer said...

Pedant Alert: Do you mean "genteel" rather than "gentile" which means something rather different to what I think that you are trying to say?

Anonymous said...

God! What a miracle you spotted that :)

Entry updated!

SteveL said...

I wouldn't leave a bicycle on stokes croft/nine-tree hill overnight unless you want it to be a unicycle by the morning -that's where I came across a bike whose forks had been nicked.

Anonymous said...

It fills up @ 9 and then empties between 12 and 4 most nights. It's one place where I chain both wheels and the frame to each other as well as the stand...