Tuesday 24 February 2009

University Operations Vehicles

Keeping an eye on the various ops teams of the university. Here's WV54MYB picking up bread from Parson's Bakery, nicely obscuring visibility for anyone who dares to cross St Michael's Hill anywhere but the zebra crossing.

And here's the pavement on Tyndall's Avenue, where the security vehicle WU56JPO is resident.

This may be legal; depends on whether this part of the pavement is uni property -the pavement is lowered here. What it does, legal or not, is give the impression that the university approves of pavement parking. Which it clearly does seem to do.

Why the attention to the university? Because of recent changes in their bike parking policy.


Anonymous said...

What changes are those?

Anonymous said...

That will get covered tomorrow

Anonymous said...

do you not think they might have been responding to an emergancy?

Anonymous said...

what, the van picking up food from the bakery? Must have been in too much of a hurry to park more safely on double yellow lines round the corner?

The security car is parked there by default.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't mean the bakery van - clearly they are taking the mick! I meant the security car.

Are you willing to say if you work for the Uni, or just a concerned resident?

Anonymous said...

-we are consortium of locals who like to put up photos of the city to take the edge off walking or cycling round the city. I don't know if the others work at the uni; I don't. I work in filton as part of the military/industrial complex.

-I attend their sports physio department for medical treatment. Very good they are too.