Wednesday 25 February 2009

Welcome to the C-zone

Bristol Dave has put up a proposed map of the Congestion Zone. This is the same blog that had the -accurate- resident parking zone maps before anyone else, so it certainly represents thinking by part of the team that was in power up until last Tuesday

The central zone isn't surprising, but the Northern Zone is.
  1. All of that area but the Nugent Hill area will be in the RPZ. Assuming that goes ahead, and the residents get free entry (not guaranteed, because the RPZ map includes the southern side of Cotham Road, but this C-zone would only work with cameras on St Michael's Hill and Cotham Road South, those being the main entry points. A camera would be needed at the end of Kingsdown parade too.
  2. With Horfield Road in the C-zone, there is no way to get from Cotham to the centre except via Whiteladies Road or Gloucester Road.
  3. With Arley Hill and Elmdale Road in the C-zone, there is no way to get to Whiteladies Road or Gloucester Road except coming in further north (Aberdeen Road, Zetland Road) and then turning south.
  4. So this removes all incentive to drive through the area to get to or from Park Row.
  5. Given the area will all become RPZ, the through-drivers could be addressed by four ANPR cameras -at the St Michael's Hill/Park Row junction, Woodland Road/Park Row, Arley Hill/Gloucester Road and Elmdale Road/Triangle. Make them red-light/speed cameras too, for the fun of it.
  6. It will be a tax on everyone from Cotham and Redland who drives to the North Fringe via Kingsdown-St James-Barton-M32, but not if they go on Kellaway-Avenue and Filton Avenue.
  7. The proposed C-zone also targets one group not affected by the proposed-RPZ -university car parking in the A-B-C car park zones and nearby pavements, and BRI staff.
Given the university have just clamped down on bicycles parked out of their -overflowing- bike parks, it's hard to feel sympathy. To be fair though, to get a staff permit to use their parking spaces costs a few hundred pounds a year, and the permits are limited, so a lot of staff don't bother, they park-and-walk for free. As for the BRI, it's pushing for extra staff parking. They may get it -at a price.

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