Wednesday 8 December 2010

Fraternal Greetings to our Aberdeen Franchise

The BBC has some excellent coverage of the anti-car experience in Scotland, where some people are being forced to use the (minimal) underground system round Glasgow, rather than drive. This saddens us.

We are pleased, therefore to announce our own contribution to helping Scotland's transport issues, by opening up the Aberdeen Franchise of our community service. We consider this the Big Society in action.

Apparently in Aberdeen, oil is so central to the local economy as car imports are to Avonmouth, so anyone not driving is rightfully viewed as some kind of social subversive threatening the entire existence of the city. In Bristol, this truth is not reported outside of the Evening Post, and its readership figures are so bleak we fear for the paper's continued existence.

Aberdeen Cars promises to explore the PaveParking opportunities of the city, as well as how to effectively drive and park in the area. Apparently also pagan era midwinter solstice rituals do take place on nearby standing stones, so in exchange for some of their "black haggis" we shall be sending up some "local food for local people" food from a well known stokes croft takeaway that provides special meat products for those they know well.

Aberdeen! Welcome to the Team!


wee folding bike said...

I'm sorry to tell you that in Airdrie there has been someone using a Longstaff two wheel drive tricycle to get around in the current emergency.

This machine is only stopped by very deep snow and even then it can be hauled out by the rider. Sheets of ice cannot defeat it. It's making the people in expensive, shiny, Chelsea Tractors look a little silly. When they can't get past it on the cleared section of the road it is able to move over onto the snow at the side and keep moving. Apparently BMW jeeps cannot move their tyres off the tarmac.

It also seems to have picked up a considerable local following. Only this afternoon a workie spotted it behind his friend's truck and shouted "The bike man is right behind you" to the driver.

This is a 16 year old Longstaff two wheel drive tricycle. It should not be allowed to undermine the 4x4 meme.

SteveL said...

Thank you for your comment and the photographs. We would report the rider to the police, though having visited Airdrie we are not sure what punishment the police could enforce that would be worse, other than a forced move to East Kilbride.