Wednesday 2 February 2011

Criminal Attacks on the Abbeywood Bollards!

We've been watching the Egypt uprising in fear. Pedestrians, taking over the flyovers, pushing vans and arguing with tanks. They do not know their place.

We've also been reading Cities and Insurrections, which covers the problem of how to design cities to prevent popular uprisings in them from working. You want distribution and better routes for police/army control than for the troublemakers. That's why we recognise that the goal for Northern Ireland's ongoing work to force cyclists to wear helmets isn't for safety, it's to stop the subversives being so mobile. NI has always been the cutting edge of UK policing, so progress here cheers up.

It's also why we understand the strategic goal of the North Fringe: a place so anti-walking and anti-cycling that no ukcuts projectors will be out hassling the shops here, or protesting anything. But to make sure, we have to discourage those people who do walk and cycle round here -for the safety of the state.

Which is why we were horrified when some anonymous person emailed us these shocking photographs of militant cyclists adding their own reflective and hi-viz markings to the new bollards at the MOD abbeywood site, the ones that achieved national fame after someone cycled into them in the snow.

Now on a flash photo, you can see that it (and the newly added blue bicycle marking) is visible. One query: why doesn't that sign properly say bicycles keep left?
Looking the other way, you can see at least a bicycle going up and down has been painted on one side of the pavement, and it is segregated.
And turning 180 degrees we can see how much less visible the old bollards were.
What to say? Just because you don't think the bollards are safe, doesn't mean people should take actions in to your own hands like this.

Since the crash and the negative publicity, S Gloucs council have put the blue signs on. Now if anyone crashes in to it it's their own fault for being in the wrong part of the path, going to fast, or not paying attention. 

Yet as these photographs show, some people, even up in the North Fringe -our part of the city, as you get a hint of from the vast MoD car park to the side of the photos- there are troublemakers out there trying to make cycle city facilities somewhere where cyclists actually welcome.

We suspect the Cycle Embassy of Great Britain, or one of their minions.

Who else would threaten the safety of South Gloucester and Filton Town councils, and hence the whole country?


Hilpertongoatsandme said...

It is this sort of vandalism that is bringing our country down.

Rhode Long said...

If only cyclists were registered and had numberplates - then we could trace the terrorist involved in this outrage by the MOD as they photographed their own bike!

Anonymous said...

Speaking personally, and not for the Embassy, I would advocate the use of helmet cameras, so hotly debated on BBC Breakfast yesterday - not to highlight infrastructure issues but because it unlocks so much potential for £250 on You've Been Framed if anyone else hits one, particularly in snow when the path wouldn't have been gritted either.

Colville-Andersen said...

Let's just force cyclists and pedestrians to have chips implanted in their necks like the mongrels they are so we can keep track of them.

Better yet, equip them with those neck rings from that 70's movie - so if they step outside their 'perimeter', their heads explode.

Frank Spencer said...

This bloke is amazing how did he manage to find them. Does he have superhuman eyesight