Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Battle of the Bearpit Continues

We are pleased to have another photo from "TH", who is rapidly becoming out city-centre correspondent, today with another "Bearpit Incident", this one being rated as "minor" in the international Bearpit Incident Scale.

Apparently the Snap-on van was trying to cut into the road running into Park Row, when the car which was following the markings on the road went ahead and followed the markings on the road, forcing the van to cancel its plan. The van driver is apparently making their views known to the driver of the car.

No, this is not the Bristol Traffic van. Furthermore, the tactic of staying the right hand lane all the way from the end of the M32 to this roundabout is effective as it is the least congested, especially at the bearpit roundabout itself. but you should start to cut in earlier, once the lights from newfoundland way go green, then stay in the right of the two lanes past the bus station -so avoiding any waiting buses. You should only swerve into the left hand lane after passing the bus station.

This is one of the problems of driving like a local in Bristol: you have to know the real solutions to every junction, not what is painted on the ground, which are merely hints for tourists.


Luke said...

I travel from Bristol Fashion to Glos.Rd. via bicycle and I advise everyone using this method to use the St.James Barton underpass.

No point in rushing, its safer, keeps the roads free for the tax paying automobiles and there's some exquisite people watching opportunities to be had, with genuine Stokes Croft "bohemian/post-apocalyptic" characters to avoid eye contact with.

Valerie Sinatra said...
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Valerie Sinatra said...

*** Please note that the Bristol Traffic team do in no way condone the above comment from Luke which encouarages cyclists to make illegal use of a footway on a bicycle.

There is no cycling allowed in The Bearpit ("St. James Barton underpass"), or at least there hasn't been since the Cycling City scheme started a few years ago and banished cyclists to the multi lane gyratory above with the promise of some white paint along the edge of it.

Bristol Traffic said...

Furthermore the Bristol Traffic team do not encourage any actions which encourage cyclists to make a use of a bicycle.

Bristol Traffic said...

We especially don't approve of whoever plans to paint bicycle signs all down the slipway and across the parkland.