Tuesday 21 June 2011

We confess

Ok, we confess.

Just for once, we rode a bicycle, instead of using the van. In the spirit of investigative journalism, of course.

Here you can see a bunch of Bristol Traffic supporters, who turned out to photograph us (naked!) at the Council House on College Green. Shame they weren't naked too, but we don't ask that of our readers.

And here you can see why our fan-base is so attracted to following us.

For once, our copy of The Sun remained unopened. Page 3 is safe.


amoeba said...

Is 'page 3' still persisting?
I really had no idea.
Mind-you I try not to read anything produced by the Murdoch media empire.

Harvey Bikebell said...

that was just ridiculously good fun again, again, again!! x we did and it was !!