Thursday, 27 September 2012

Readers Wives

Someone, "Nuxx Bar", posts a comment on our "tolerance" post, in which we congratulate the car driver for pulling over to completely block the cycle path when they break down, rather than, say, half blocking it.

Here is the comment in full.

I suppose you're yet another car-hater who lies and "cleverly" claims not to hate cars because you think such dishonesty will advance your cause?

No? Then what exactly was that evil motorist supposed to do once he'd broken down? He had to put his car somewhere, and the cycle lane was the only practical place. So his behaviour was blameless, and it's clear that you're having a go at him primarily because you think he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. So you're a car-hater. Admit it.

Of course, the cycle lane in question is probably exactly like other cycle lanes, i.e. it rarely if ever gets used. This is because cyclists like you refuse to use such facilities on "principle": you have to make a point about being "proper traffic" and "not being shoved out of the way", even if it means putting yourself in unnecessary least you've got in the way of those evil drivers and reminded them that you're there and you hate them, eh?

This, of course, doesn't stop you and your ilk vociferously demanding the building of such facilities at public expense, even though you don't pay ROAD TAX (which is what it is really, as you well know). But you don't want the facilities so that you can use them, you just want them to take roadspace and cash away from drivers. Not that you hate cars, definitely not.

When will you and your psycholist mates just give it up and admit that there's a war on the motorist and you're a vigorous supporter of that war? Do you really think the pretence that it's all about "safety" is fooling anyone? Do you approve of safety improvements like dualling the A9, or only those purported safety improvements which restrict or punish drivers in some way (even when they haven't been shown to improve safety at all)? Now why oh why could that be? Who do you think is being fooled by the "I don't hate cars / "There's no war on the motorist" lies?

I'll be checking back to see if you've been brave enough to approve this comment and/or make a reasoned reply which (gasp) actually has an honest go at addressing the points made (your ilk are hardly renowned for the latter). You've gone to the trouble of making an anti-motorist blog so you might as well address adverse comments...if you think you can without losing the argument, that is.

Some points

  1. Nuxx Bar is clearly confused. We both agree that the government is conducting an illicit war on the motorists -take the current M4 traffic jams for example. They say that they are spending 85 million pounds to add new lanes and "traffic management", but really they are putting in variable speed limits to make driving harder.
  2. Nuxx Bar has, as they say, a history. Indeed, a wiki entry. Even more than that, someone has had to go to court to find them & so stop them harassing them.
Because of these two facts, there's no point engaging in any form of irrational debate. Or as any member of the cabinet would say:
No sempre butte plebian converser
We can't be arsed to talk to plebs. 

Given Nuxx Bar's record, their comments will be summarily defeated. This country is not a democracy, after all, it's a monarchy and we have absolute powers.

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