Sunday 30 August 2009

Bank holiday bumper (to bumper) quiz.

Stuck in a 4x4 deadlock down a country lane in Cornwall and lacking the reversing skills to escape? Waiting at a train station for a train that has vanished from the timetable without a trace? Sitting in a lay-by with a derailleur that has decided to collapse into your rear spokes miles from shelter in the glorious English summer?

Why not pass the time with the Bristol Traffic bank holiday quiz. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

1. When is a school not a school?
2. When is a car not a car? ( Clue: BMW SN9BMX is giving you a hint in the photos below. )

2. How many traffic lights and pedestrian crossings can you have the luxury of waiting at if you are arriving at Bristol's new shopping centre Cabot Circus on foot? (Extra points if you know how many pedestrian footbridges there used to be before the new layout.)

3. How many glass covered bridges to guide you swiftly from the new car park if you arrive at Cabot Circus by car?

4. True or False. All you need for safe cyling is separate cycle paths. Cycle paths that are separated from motor traffic by a barrier are guaranteed to keep cyclists 100% safe from cars.
5. While you're at it see if you can identify what this symbol is for in the picture puzzle below
Bonus question - Spot the irony in the logo pictured below, seen on the recent e-flyer promoting the "Cycling City Freewheel", Sunday 30th August 2009, Ladies Mile, The Downs, Bristol. Clue

Quiz brought to you by Newlyn Junior and Infants School, Penzance and St Phillip's Causeway, Bristol.

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Anonymous said...

S9BMX, not SN9BMX.