Tuesday 18 August 2009

The war on cars continues!

We'd seen signs of this last week, and now more proof comes in -this time from contributor "IW" that the council is continuing the same anti-car madness of its predecessors. Yes, In the centre of the city, the traffic island that provided the best free parking in the centre, with its car park area all safely marked out, is now blocked off.

Hopefully it is just temporary, a left over from some harbour event or something, or put in while BT need access to their manhole. If it does not, then we will have to write a stern letter to the Evening Post, complaining about this anti-car madness.


Will B said...

The removable bollard makes me think it is still a car park - it's now just the most exclusive one in Bristol.

So who has the key to that bollard? The people need to know!

SteveL said...

Not the owners of the nearby shops. We suspect Steve Meek, local activist.