Sunday, 23 August 2009

They didn't have any choice

This fine morning there is a van at the top of nine-tree-hill, as close as you can get to Fremantle Square without attempting to drive through the gap. It is positioned to prevent any bicycles getting through the gap.

The reason? Virgin Media working on one of the houses in remantle Square. The van RA54EVR is parked as close as you can get to this house without turning round, driving onto stokes croft by way of Jamaica Street, wait at four traffic lights and then go up Cotham Brow. That's a big detour, and even once they'd done that, there would be no parking in the square, other than blocking the bike lane from the other side.

Some subversives may argue that the van could have parked a bit further back, but why? Bicycle access is not the van driver's problem. If you can't handle the small problem of a vehicle in the way, you shouldn't be out and about on a bicycle.

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