Wednesday 26 August 2009

Polite Note

A car in Upper Cheltenham Place, Montpelier, has a note on its windscreen.

What does it say?
When you park here please pull right
up to the telegraph pole. In order that I
can get in and out my home with my
bike, buggies or Kayak.

Its probably honest, pragmatic, and may produce enough guilt for the driver to consider following the request. But what it does not produce is fear, not for the driver of P583HAN. Kayaks? Bicycles? Baby Buggies? Nothing to fear from those.

No, better to say something like "It is very hard to get my chainsaws and hunting rifles in and out of the house without damaging your car. This upsets my son, who, being on remand for attempted murder, does not need to get upset. Please park in a way which does not cause more problems ofr my household?


The Former 550 Pound Cyclist said...

Agreed, It would have been better to say something like "I need room to get out the body parts of the volvo drivers that block the path of my door"

SteveL said...

oh, that would be good. We should have a competition for the scariest "polite note"

Downfader said...

"Dear driver,
the following house has been designated a controlled biohazard and for your own health you may wish to park further afield and visit a walk in center!"