Wednesday 12 August 2009

RIP Bristol Urban Design Team

They've gone and removed Bristol's famous Free Parking Space.

In what appears to be a concerted attack on motorists, fly-parkers, and anyone concerned with quality in the 'Public Realm', Bristol City Council have unilaterally blocked access to this well-known Bristol attraction. This is pedestrianisation by stealth.

What was an apparently well-designed and considered contribution to our inner-city highway infrastructure is now little more than a fly tipping opportunity. Or an exclusive 4x4 parking bay.

Or are the cycling-city mob about to fill it with bike stands?

1 comment:

alice said...

I can't see how those blocks would actually stop someone driving into the space. Surely they'd fit between the wheels? They do give the message that you shouldn't park there though and as we all know, all you need are messages and signs and drivers will pay attention and behave as intended.

The blocks do look about the height of some kerbs and the kerb is always enough to stop people getting up on to the pavement yes?