Saturday 22 August 2009

Extending the road

This car YM51MKA has found an innovative solution to the problem of there being no free pavement to park alongside, here in Ambra Vale, Clifton Wood.

It has chosen to park up behind the other cars, and so rely on nobody noticing that to its left, instead of some paving stones and a wall, there is a large gap then a driveway heading up to some garages.

It appears to have worked.

Sadly, if this area does become a controlled parking zone, then this is exactly the kind of semi-official parking space that not even residents will be able to use. And if all these "corner-case" parking areas disappear, that is a lot of the parking capacity of the city is going to be lost. Forever.

Fight for your right to park in the middle of the road! Join the campaign to keep the streets free!

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