Sunday 9 August 2009

Balloon Fiesta Parking on Bower Ashton Terrace

Here is WF06SNU at the junction of Ashton Road and Bower Ashton Terrace on Thursday evening. The owner could be a local resident, or someone going to the Bristol City FC grounds, or maybe someone visiting the Balloon Fiesta in nearby Ashton Court. Although at first glance this seems to be an excellent parking location with the rocky pseudo-bollards on guard, cars parked here without care may still be in danger.
This car, for example, could still be at risk from unobservant pedestrians dirtying the paintwork whilst attempting to squeeze past. Such pedestrians are likely to include families with buggies and with children made excitable by seeing a floating Churchill dog and eating candy-floss and burgers.

By choosing a slightly different parking angle, the pavement here would be completely blocked, ensuring excitable children would be forced to use the road, leaving WF06SNU safe from candy floss and burger grease.

(trivia: we've seen this build-out before; clearly a secret Ashton Gate parking area. This time, credit to reporter "WB" for letting us know about this secret spot for a car)

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