Thursday, 20 August 2009

Invisible Bikers?

I think I should call Mulder & Scully in on this little entry to the X-Files: invisible motorbikes on the Railway Path. As you can see from the picture, these 4-inch wide tracks appeared from nowhere, their makers invisible to the eye, like that creature from the Id scene in Forbidden Planet (fab movie, get the DVD). My own theory is that it couldn't possibly be numpties racing mini-motorbikes along the path, but actually a 15 foot tall mountain biker with stupidly wide tires.


DreadStar said...

Those are from the police choppers/scramblers or whatever you wish to call them.

Due to the crime issues along this path the police have been trying to patrol it but we all know how lazy they are and their first attempts they got out their big blue scramblers and choked everyone with 2 stroke while nearly crashing into everyone. They ride like a paraletic on a push bike!

Then came the mountain bikes and again the police where untrained and nearly caused incidents etc. as well as being show up by the many competant cyclists making the force look more moronic that they already do.

Then came the horses which after many complaints about huge droppings being left have been shelved too and the mountain bikes are back out this time riding slow with competant riders. And wait for it wait for it.... Police on foot walking the beat! Infact props to these guys as two of them got stabbed protecting the public from a care in the community mad man recently.

Downfader said...

We had this problem at night in local common land.. until some of the residents put down some big rocks in various places, LOL! Imagine riding along at night showing off to some half drunk teen girl and crack!