Saturday, 8 August 2009

Remembering Troy Atkinson

It's just over three months since Troy Atkinson got killed by a car while crossing the road by Cabot Circus. Today, pedestrians still cross the junction.
Behind them, there is a plaque, showing that his friends and family remember and miss him.
Troy William Atkinson
4th April 1994-28th April 2009
Round the area, though, there doesn't seem any attempt to remember Troy by making the junction safer

There is still a road through the middle of the shopping area, one that has "shared use" pedestrian areas which offers traffic the right of way, one that has taxi and disabled parking, through car drivers and various people doing short-stay pickup in the taxi and disabled areas, and the bus lane.

Troy's friends and families may remember and mourn him, but the city, the infrastructure, it does not.

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