Wednesday 19 August 2009

Banksy Parking Logistics

Lots of new visitors coming to our site are not using the usual keywords "high viz fetish", but now "banksy parking". Lots of other people are either concerned that this criminal is stealing our parking spaces (now no parking allowed there, 24-hours a day), or looking for somewhere to park. We welcome the new visitors, even the one who denounced our concerns about the loss of parking spaces as petty selfishness. Selfish, maybe, but petty, no!

zulu1001 says:
"Oh please!"
"It's something that is really popular that does no-one any harm. Let celebrate this rather than complaining about a perceived traffic inconvenience."
Well, zulu1001, it is not just the loss of a few parking spaces that matters, it is the fact that all these visitors to the city are taking up our commuter parking spaces in/near Woodland Road and Tyndall's Park avenue, the last free parking area nearby, just when the students had all left for the summer. Because you need to be in that queue before 08:30 to be sure that you will get in the first 450, and not have to wait at least an hour for the first group to finish, so called "art lovers" who have driven over will be there grabbing the spaces before we regular commuters can get them.
For all those people coming to this site looking for the best place to park for the exhibition, can we therefore point you all at Montpelier? Come off the M32 before you reach the end of the road, go into Montpelier and park on an empty bit of pavement. It will get easier throughout the day.
Then walk all the way to the show via Stoke's Croft, Jamaica Street, Dighton Street and Park Row, past all the other free graffiti the city has to offer.
Having been inside the show, can we note that it is not very authentic. This "landscape near Hartcliffe" painting, for example, does not recognise the off-road skills of the locals, who can get a stolen car way further up a muddy track before having to torch it. That painting is more a Clifton-down class of off-road parking, which may give a new clue as to the graffiti-criminal's origin.

Finally, can we close by reminding the locals not to mention the fact that Boston Tea Party at the top of Park Street does the best coffee, cakes and meals of all the cafes in this area, because if word does get out its lovely garden at the back will fill up. Point the turists at Cafe Nero and Starbucks, it is all they expect and deserve.


The Bristol Blogger said...

The last people to stereotype and parody Hartcliffe as the home of burnt out cars were Bush and Troy in a Xmas song.

They were eventually overwhelmed with complaints and had to perform for free at the Hartcliffe Community Festival as recompense.

Dust down your guitar then and we'll look forward to your appearance next year ...

SteveL said...

I don't think Hartcliffe is any different from the rest of bristol; I have mountain biked all the tracks down there and done all Dundry Hill roads/paths a lot as training. Compared to the picture (a) its muddier, (b) there used to be a lot of cars right up the end of the bridleways, which is actually pretty impressive. Whoever did that got it further along than I could get my mountain bike. I have encountered exactly the same thing in Montpelier on the little footbridge over between Fairlawn and Hurlingham Roads.

That's why I think Banksy hasn't been down there that much. If anyone has to appear, its Banksy.

DreadStar said...

I blame the museum. It's bad management. You think this happens at the Tate? This show was obviously going to be popular. so tickets should have been sold in limited amounts for each day perhaps with a morning and afternoon ticket to ensure there is not a rush at a certain time in the day. No tickets on the door and publicise this well. Let the ticket shop handle that crap. This is just another example of Bristol never being able to organise anything and just scraping through. Same reason we lost Ashton Court Festival :(

What annoys em more is the Big Green Gathering was cancelled due to failing to get a road closure for an unused road. But the Museum gets one for their incompetance!