Saturday 8 August 2009

Ofsted Again

According to local media sources, many Bristol schools are doing quite well these days in the KS3 stakes.

As a result of that blog, we also highlighted, in March, that Bristol was being visited by people keen to bathe in our success. Presumably so that they could learn our secrets.

Today, we can report the success of Bristol in attracting visitors in their thousands (and not just for the Banksy Exhibition). People are here to learn to read from all over Britain! And to prove it, they're parking their cars all over our streets.

Unfortunately, the drivers of H56NUB and CK56VCP all appear to have failed their SATS, but we assume they're here to learn, too. Hopefully they will stay, learn, and then spread the word.

Just like the driver of EA04YWF who has been in Bristol for at least six months and is still learning.

Like those visitors from afar coming to Bristol Museum for the Banksy extravaganza, the drivers of these vehicles are contributing to the local economy. On behalf of the people of Bristol we say Thank You.

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