Thursday 6 August 2009

Traffic news

The Evening Post is reporting that a cyclist ended up under a turning lorry at the Park Row/St Michael's Hill Junction. It is handy for the BRI, and while they have a broken thigh bone, they are apparently going to survive, which is good.

The E.P comments section is the usual mess of assumptions and abuse, but there is also commentary from someone who was there, which we reprint in its entirety
I saw the aftermath but not the actual accident. I was waiting to cross the road at the traffic lights just up from the St Michaels Hill junction, the traffic lights were changing and the lorry was one of the last vehicles to go past me and was turning left up towards St Michaels Hill. The next thing I heard was a massive crushing sound - like a massive coke can - which of course turned out to be the bicycle - and heard screams, I looked round to see a horrible scene, one that you never ever want to see.

I believe that the cyclist saw the traffic lights start to change and went to cross the junction at the bottom of the hill and didn't see the lorry coming around the corner. The lorry obviously didn't see the cyclist blame probably lies both ways.

Wishing the man a speedy recovery, I'm just glad it wasn't more serious.

I expect the truck driver is scarred as even if he was partly to blame - to get out of his cab and find somebody under your wheels screaming in pain is not how he would have wanted to start his day.
Terry, Bristol
We wish the injured cyclist a speedy recovery. We are also curious as to whether BBC Bristol will cover the incident, or copy the BBC London policy of not bothering to mention such events.

Also in the traffic news section, we are informed that on this Thursday evening, that the A38 is closed between Aztec West/the M4/M5 and the Southmead/BAe roundabout. Bomb squad called out for a suspicious package at Rolls Royce, apparently. Looking out the window over the North Fringe sprawl, the A4174 ring-road is congested no worse than normal for a weekday evening.

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Quercus said...

Nothing like the 'C' word to bring out the EP trolls.

Hope the cyclist is ok - if it really is a broken thigh it'll take a while to mend (biggest bone in the body).

"Let's be careful out there..."