Wednesday 31 March 2010

BRI pedestrian access issues

Following on the St Michael's Hospital anti-pedestrian improvements, we drive round to Alfred Road and the BRI. See that sign?
No Access
to Hospital

This is odd, as there is quite clearly pedestrian access. Why would the hospital have a sign telling pedestrians they have no access -or alternatively, spend all that money on some steps they don't want used?
ahh, now it becomes clear. It's not just a dead end, there's a turning at the bottom of the road to the left into a car park, room for about eight staff cars. (update: seen a site map, 72 cars once you include the access from Marlborough Hill)
The steps were built as part of the Bristol Heart Institute development to provide staff access to their car park. If pedestrians were allowed to walk down here they'd get in the way of the cars and make turning round harder. There is also a risk that pedestrians could get hit by passing cars, which would increase the operational costs of the BRI. Discouraging people from walking to the hospital is better all round.

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