Saturday, 13 March 2010

Technical build-out work

There's a van, SM51FVK, on a build out on York Gardens, Clifton, where the gardens join Royal York Crescent.

Nothing unusual there. Except, well, look at the bollards and posts. How exactly do you get a vehicle onto such a well defended buildout?
Ahh, there's the secret. Come in from this angle, use the lowered pedestrian crossing. Tricky option. Not one for your average driving test, even here in Bristol.

Which raises the question: why not? Why doesn't the Bristol Driving test include a section on the best way to get an entire vehicle onto a build-out covered in bollards -and off again- safely? It's a skill people need, yet the driving tests are still stuck in this world of "don't park near corners" and "don't park opposite junctions". Time they moved on.

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