Monday 29 March 2010

Muller Road Bike Path: official council opening

The Muller Road bike lane is almost ready for use, here on March 22. It's empty

There is a bicycle, pointedly getting in the way of important commuters -and now with this path, there is no way to get past them without slowing down. Why isn't this tax-dodger using the cycling-city funded development? Probably because it is not officially open.
The next day, March 23, the path has a white van RJ04HZT at the end of the dropoff, just where any subversive cyclist using the bike path to get towards Horfield would encounter it.
But not just any white van: it is a Bristol City Council rapid clean up team van!
We are so excited to see the council declare this new feature: a safe parking area on Muller Road, ready for use! Finally some of our road-tax money diverted to cycling-city, coming to benefit us!

Note in the background the "We are warming up for 2012" poster, related to the olympics. The logos of BMW, BP and British Airways appear there too, so perhaps "warming up" is not the right phrase to use.

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