Friday 12 March 2010

Stokes Croft Tesco: finally a use for the bus lane

This web site is in favour of the new Tescos, our biggest complaint is that without an easy way to drive from Kingsdown to Arley or Ninetree Hills, many of the customers will be forced to walk.

Why do we support it? Because otherwise the bike lanes of Cheltenham Road, and the showcase bus lane is wasted. Further down, in Stokes Croft, the bike lane is used as a staff and customer parking area, and everyone is happy. Once something better than a bike shop opens further up the A38, the same uses will apply.

Even before the event, it happens. Here we see the bailiffs coming to evict the protesters with their van CP59PFV, accompanied by the police. And you can already see -finally the outbound lane is benefiting the city.

On the inbound side there is one car, but someone else has been forced onto the pavement by the troublemakers. Once Tesco put in their HGV loading process, that pavement space will go, but with the HGV discouraging bicycles, you will be able to park along here without fear of damage to your wingmirrors.
All across the city, the sole use of these red lanes is for short stay delivery, be it by target express delivery WP03OWV
Or citylink van VA57YNT
This is the city we want, and those squatters are standing in the way! That and the no-entry signs on Nugent and Marlborough Hills. And the blocked off bits at the end of Ninetree Hill and Springfield Lane.


Marcel Dubois said...

This is the city *you* want.

SteveL said...

I think you need to spend more time reading this blog before you decide whether or not to hate us. We are happy to be despised from a position of information, but one of ignorance places you at a disadvantage