Wednesday, 17 March 2010

It's too late for bike parking or walking here -so add more car space

hDown at the BRI, again. Nowhere to park the car. Again.

First thought: the pavement at the entrance. But no, even the dropped kerb by the crossing was already occupied by DN08JYX. Pity: that's the last £0 parking area to the hospital.

Down into the A&E ambulances only section, again, all the parking spaces full, and the pavements occupied -this time by hospital vehicles..
Here at the newly built Bristol Heart Institute, there is no official motorbike or bicycle parking, so those troublemakers who motorbike or cycle in are appropriately penalised for their choices.
There is disabled parking, so this car WV03YKP, whose driver nearly knocked someone in crutches off as they turned in over the zebra crossing, does have somewhere to park. But even there, there is a no motorbikes sign. Presumably you cannot ride a motorbike if you are disabled, or if you can, you can still park somewhere else.
You see, by its very nature, the Bristol Heart Institute is going to get unhealthy, unwell, unfit people. People who drive and smoke, not people who cycle. There is no point providing any bicycle parking in this new building, because they are not the customers. No, what we need is affordable car parking for the patients.

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