Friday 19 March 2010

Monty's pavements

If every vehicle length of Montpelier pavement has a 10% chance of being free, then the probability of a four vehicle length space being entirely free of vehicles is .1*.1*.1*.1 or 0.0001. Not zero, likely to happen eventually, but so unusual that when it does happen, here on Fairfield Road, it merits a note. [Incidentally, there is no field by Fairfield Road. The place name is all that remains].

Note also the abandoned sofa. These facilities aid walking around a hilly part of the city.
Elsewhere, on Picton Street, A&M Driving School car G55MAT is practising the problem of getting up onto the pavement, with only two vehicle lengths of free space to work with. This is quite tricky for a new driver -we congratulate this learner for their skill. Not so close to the houses that the doors get bashed, not so far out that passing vehicles are blocked. Nicely done!

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