Tuesday 9 March 2010

Fixing the MOD roundabout traffic jam problem

We have a solution for the MOD traffic jam problem: turn the bike path between Lockleaze and abbey wood into another road, one that is one-way and whose direction changes morning and evening. Morning: vehicles heading to the MOD, evening, cars heading to the city.

Right now it is wasted on students and here someone walking a bike full of shopping from Sainsburys. Students are fit and cycle up the hill instead, shoppers can get their stuff delivered by truck.

Look at it, its not a path that's going to be defended by the cyclists; no family recreation route that is loved by anyone on the city. Just MOD on one side, and an apparently abandoned Marketing Suite for the Tailspin housing estate on the other.
No, the best use for this is car traffic.
Come on WoEP, stop faffing around with the Railway Path -you've lost that battle, move on! Fix the real problem, which is driving to and from the North Fringe when the Ring Road is blocked! Use this bike lane, one that nobody knows about or loves. Even the eight cyclists who use it every day will be glad to see the back of it.


Andrew said...

Funny you do already get the odd car down there it can be very interesting !

Also you have missed highlighting the subversive tax dodgers who have made a very handy hole in the fence/hedge further along just before the wood so the lazy tax dodgers at HP and lazy students can avoid a hill.

SteveL said...

How do you think we got down there for a photo? You don't think we walked did you?