Saturday 31 May 2008

Kingsdown Pavements are for parking

Here is an interesting question. If you are parked on the pavement, do double yellow and keep-clear lines apply? All the -presumably commuter- cars on Kingsdown Parade are clearly parked on roads with double yellow lines, but the lines are not underneath the car. By putting all, or nearly all of the car on the pavement, they are in fact no longer parked illegally.

How can we determine this fact? Its because Bristol commuters, including the driver of the green Renault Clio S540NTP and Silver Ford focus Y506TGV are all law abiding citizens of the city. They would no more park illegally than they would speed down a road without cameras.

If they were parked illegally, they would be ticketed -and as they are not, even when they park here, day after day, they can be confident that this is in fact a legitimate activity.


Shawn said...
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Shawn said...

If a car is parking on the pavement next to double yellows then the Council can (and should) issue tickets so phone their parking line. If the cars are causing an obstruction then it is important that more of us do this (phone the council I mean - not park on the pavements) so they get the message.

Unfortunately if there are no yellow lines then you have to call the police non-emergency number.

SteveL said...

numbers without spaces for better indexing S540NTP Y506TGV