Friday, 30 May 2008

Keep Clear means "Keep clear for me"

There are some people who think that Keep Clear signs and the related white markings on the road are there to provide safe passing places in busy roads, safe access to buildings or schools, and to make junctions easier to negotiate. This is not true in Bristol.

As can be seen here, in Somerset Street, Kingsdown, the Keep Clear markings provide extra parking for important drivers, such as the silver Volvo LS02MRY above,

The Red Nissan K299 RLC
A Black Toyota W433XDL

And black Saab S177SFU.
These vehicles are all important enough to park on Keep Clear lines.

How do you know you are important? Well, if you need to park, and there is nowhere else to so, you can declare an emergency and park in these regions. Incidentally, there are some discussions about making this area residents parking only. These proposals should be opposed because people from all over Bristol clearly need right to park here on a weekday, especially if they have had to drive a long way to get into the centre of town. This area provides valuable free parking for commuters. The only argument in its favour would be if the plan increased the number of double yellow lines, as it would create more parking spaces for important people.


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SteveL said...

Which car? I know there is a Nissan N1, but the red car says 100NX on the back when I zoom in. Is it really the N1? Or is it the toyota that I need to identify better?