Friday 30 May 2008

The School Run

The Bristol School run is a time of chaos, as you have to drive across town, children wailing in the back, you on the phone. And once you get there, where you are going to park? Especially in a big 4X4.

Fortunately the council provides a special area in front of each school purely for 4X4 Parking. Here a range rover demonstrates its use. You approach the double yellow lines, and get up on the kerb, so as not to inconvenience other 4X4 drivers.

The nice thing about this area is that because it is kept clear of little cars, you don't have to worry about reverse parking a vehicle with no visibility, on the way in or out.

The main inconvenience of this area is the fact that there are sometimes schoolkids milling around, on the designated parking zone (historically this was called a pavement). These are children whose parents are too poor to afford to bring their children to school by 4X4, either they have parked and walked from their little car, or, heaven forbid, they have walked all the way from home. Don't their parents know that is dangerous? Don't they know how polluted the air can be at that time in the morning?

How could they expose their loved ones to such pollution and risk, when they could be driven to school in comfort and safety in a filtered airconditining, high viewing position range rover? And that's apart from the inconvenience which children on zebra crossings cause when you're running late and need to get to school in a hurry. Here they are, still in the way. Can't they see the indicator? Don't they recognise how important someone who owns a car like this must be?

Something should be done. Either the school or the council should come up with a transport plan to help these deprived children get to school by a proper form of transport - a 4X4, here LX05ATN.

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