Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Back on the Portsmouth Seafront

We in the B.T. team have just sent a delegation down to our sister cycling-conurbation, Portsmouth.

For those visitors to this site from outside the UK, you will have to take our word that Portsmouth is a gem of the south coast of England, an island in an estuary mixing the industrial heritage of naval forts and yards going back to Roman times with a modern sea-front development.
Or you can visit it.

This is our organisations first visit since Christmas, to see how the cycling-town project has been progressing.
We saw more bicycles out on the road this weekend than ever before, and many more than you would even expect to see in parts of Bristol.
This could be due to the efforts of the council and its execution of its Cycling-Town plans.
Or it could be despite those efforts, as we have an update on the Southsea Seafront question.

A tough question indeed: how best to enjoy the seafront -or how best to get there.

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