Thursday, 25 June 2009

The danger-mums of Montpelier

Look at these women. They are pushing their children down the middle of some Montpelier roads. First, Upper Cheltenham Place.

Next: Cobourg Road.

Some readers may complain that although they are walking down the roads, they are not wearing high-viz clothing, and none of the babies in the push chairs have helmets.

But it is worse than that. These mums are actually pushing their children around the city! On foot! They would be much safer driving them in a family-friendly 4x4 vehicle.

You would never see mothers this irresponsible in Clifton.


alice said...

Next they'll be telling us the babies ripped the tax discs off the pushchairs and they have paid for their right to use the roads, honest!

alice said...

And heaven help us if they haven't got insurance. What happens if I drive into them? Who's insurance will pay for the respraying the scratches their pushchairs leave on my car? Not mine I hope!

I saw one of them crossing the road without waiting for the green man once too, and another that took their pushcahir on an escalator! Don't they know it's illegal to take a pushchair up an escalator. That's what lifts are there for. They should be in them! So obviousley all pushcahir pushers are evil, every single one of them.