Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Corner parking extreme

Does this count?

It's 04:00 am, I've just dropped a child at the 'Unnamed Road' on the downs for a week's trip to France with his school. The blurred photo reflects my perception of the world at this time of day. Notice the dimpled paving carefully aligned with the 'faux' pavement that crosses the road.

The photos below, however, show why I should win! (I'm not biased, of course).

Not only have both the Audi and the 'Bespoke Building Contractors' van - AK03YYL - parked in extreme parking conditions, but they are also performing a real service to all road users by protecting them from the famous lion-topped post of Cambridge Park.

Pedestrians suffer slightly, of course - requiring them to make a small detour from the desire-line of the pavement itself, but at 04:00am, that's hardly of real concern for anyone, is it?

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