Thursday 12 August 2010

Secret Cotham Hill Parking

We like Cotham Hill. Some interesting shops, you can go up it fast out of term time, and there usually somewhere to park. But not always. Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Or a least, think of a differently shaped box. A red one, with four wheels on the front, perhaps, like the Vectra KD03LRV.

Subtly positioned on the corner, there is still enough room for pedestrians to get past.
Looking at the other side, you can see that the council thoughtfully provided a drop down kerb on the buildout to assist with this parking option.

The real problem is the parking on the road is all short stay: one hour. It ensures that there is turnover, but if you want to spend some more time -say a quick session at the Cotham Hill pub- you can't use them. The pavement, well, you can park there as long as you want.

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Anonymous said...

Not as imaginative as Russian parkers though...