Monday, 9 August 2010

Selfish Cyclists

Frankly, we dispair.

Bristol City Council's endless persecution of motorists continues unabated, and their onslaught of cycle orientated facilities is now even affecting pedestrians.

Look at this photo. The council have installed new cycle parking on the pavement in Gloucester Road which not only means that pedestrians are inconvenienced, but it makes it much harder for the driver of 4x4 LWP28 to park up on the pavement.

To cap it all, an inconsiderate cyclist has chained their bike to the incredibly useful and highly necessary post erected as part of the Showcase Bus Route initiative, further depriving pedestrians and car owners of valuable pavement real estate.

When will it end?

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Rhode Long said...

There is chance of damage to that beautiful urban motor vehicle now thanks to the inconsiderate cycle parking. Since bull bars have been ridiculously outlawed, any contact with cycles risks damaging the paintwork and this is very expensive. If these stands are everywhere, what possibility is there to drive "off road"? Even the eco-mentalists can see that this means the vehicle is not being used to its potential. What a waste of resources.