Friday, 5 November 2010

Hail the Rebel! X108YDY

We celebrate people who stand up against oppression, who fight an anti-car council in and anti-car city. This why we are proud to celebrate the driver of X108YDY as he drives down Marlborough Hill, from Kingsdown to Jamaica Street.

For some reason he didn't seem to appreciate that he was on camera and thought it was a stokes croft weird person who had come up the hill, rather than a member of the Bristol Traffic reporting team. The parents walking their kids to school through Marlborough Hill Place and then the hospital car park were giving funny looks too, hence the explanation at the end that it's on camera.

It is only by driving the wrong way down this street that motorists can get rapidly from Kingsdown and without getting stuck in traffic on Horfield Road. It should be made two way. Admittedly, there isn't room for two cars, but it's wider than your average Montpelier street, so why the problem?

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