Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wot no choc?

I love Christmas. Especially the oversized tins of chocolates that have become so symbolic of the festive season. As soon as Christmas season officially begins at the end of August I always make sure I buy at least three tins. One for the kids and family, one to keep on the passenger seat for those long winter commutes and one to store in the space where the spare tyre used to be in the boot.

So imagine my disappointment when I went to fill in a form to win some "quality streets" and found out it was actually just a devious plot to subvert people into fuelling the war on the motorist.

Save our rat runs. Ignore the following website.

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Rhode Long said...

A tin in the spare wheel compartment! What a fantastic suggestion and something the RAC should recommend to sustain a lonely motorist stuck in the snow (or the queue to leave Cribbs Causeway after shopping). Where are the tax dodging cyclists going to store their tin eh?! Maybe this is why they tend to be slimmer than motorists...