Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Assessing the effectiveness of bicycle parking

We are doing a survey to see how effective the new cycling city bike parking facilities are. Looking at the parking on Stokes Croft/Nine Tree Hill on a weekday morning, we see that there is room for six more bicycles; the occupancy of this facility is only 40%.

If you look at the car parking, not only is every parking space on the road taken up, but there is a large van WN09PCZ on the pavement, and a car in front of it, a space only useful when trying to get a bike to the parking. With only ten visible pavement spaces, we see 12 cars, therefore the occupancy of the car parking spaces is over 120% -three times that of the bike parking
The conclusion, therefore, is that car parking is more efficiently used than bicycle parking. By removing these new bike stands, there is rom for at least one more van on the pavement -and as that space will be used, we can be sure that the space will be valued more.

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Aaron said...

You should evaluate based on PEOPLE served, not vehicles. 6 bikes means six people were able to park in the space of less than one vehicle.

12 vehicles parked and probably carried 18 people, all of whom took up drastically more room than the people who chose to take a bike that day.