Monday 28 September 2009

Radio4 on Cycling City

Many of the well known subversives have been given airtime on Radio 4, with a program on the Cycling City initiative.

We in Bristol Traffic are upset that the entire article discusses what is the best way to make cycling safe, rather than what punishment the legal system should apply for "cycling in a built up area"

We were not invited to place our views, those of the motorist. We are fully aligned with the AA's views that driving to school is what makes us British, and that encouraging walking and cycling is multicultural bollocks.

This is our city:

Having listened to the program, here are our observations:
  • The drivers are not looking at the reporter because he is talking to himself as he cycles along. They are looking at him for riding a bicycle and trying to decide what to do with him.
  • The person criticising the cyclists, "a load of flies" makes a valid point. Delivery vehicles are more important than commuters.
  • We are worried about Chris Hutt -we now have photographic evidence of him talking to recumbent riders.


Quercus said...

Interesting programme.

As a paid-up member of the Association of British Drivers, a road-tax payer, and a licence fee payer, I demand balance from the BBC and will be lobbying for exclusive 4x4 car lanes throughout Bristol.

I will expect a Local Radio programme of my own to reveal my success.

Along with £22 million.

Chris Hutt said...

Me talking to someone other than myself? And a recumbent rider at that? Surely not?

I've no recollection of this alleged event, so I guess you're going back a long way beyond my recall (i.e. more than three days).

I must admit to finding the idea of recumbent cycling more appealing as I get older, but would I fall asleep at the handle bars?

SteveL said...

We will provide no further details until the picture comes up, but will note that for a sufficiently large fee we will delete the image entirely.

Matt said...

Better quality copy here:

This may also be of interest: