Thursday 24 September 2009

The Incredible Vanishing Cycle Lane

York Road heading into Bedminster on my morning commute. Nice to see several weeks of roadworks are coming to an end with the road being widened. But hang on a minute - where's the cycle lane which should be where the plastic fencing is?. Have the workmen forgotten to put it back or will it be reinstated?. The double yellow lines are back. Technically, the Advance Stop Line should have a feeder lane so that you can ride into it. This is very inconvenient. How are motorcyclists supposed to get into the ASL without a feeder lane?. Honestly- it's bad enough for them when those pesky cyclists occupy the box. Now they'll have to ride all the way down the right hand side of the traffic jam and barge into the box, scattering those no-good, liberal, non-polluting tree hugging lazy hippy cyclists.

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Chris Hutt said...

So effectively they've widened the cycle lane (This is how it used to be - ) and converted it into a general traffic lane for left turning traffic?

I wonder how that fits into the Cycling City strategy (er, do they have a strategy?)?