Friday 4 September 2009

Datamining Banksy Traffic

Bristol Blogger complains that Banksy brought no new traffic to their site

For the curious, here are the top fifty search terms that brought visitors to Bristol Traffic during July and August. Banksy comes in at #26, "banksy bristol parking", way below "parking on clifton downs" and "cabot circus parking". But what's at #27? "banksy parking". If you add the (secret) numbers together, then banksy brought traffic to our site between #16 high kingsdown playground, and #17 northumbria drive henleaze.

Suprisingly, Bristol Traffic only comes in on page 2 of google's search of "high kingsdown playground", but on Yahoo! we come it in fourth place. The fact that Yahoo build their indices using Hadoop, the official Bristol Traffic datamining platform, is not a coincidence. What is even stranger is why High Kingsdown Playground or Northumbria Drive Henleaze is so interesting to some people. Two people, we suspect.

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It is pleasing to see that searches for Turner Bus Bristol and Turner Buses Bristol coming at #7 -our page describing a Turner Bus driver's attempt to reduce the number of children they have to pick up by one. If you endanger people, the fact becomes known. Similarly, Thali Cafe is popular -on account of its excellent food.

What is sad is to see visitors asking about Troy Atkinson -killed in April while crossing a road, and Pete Taylor. These people are being remembered, but it's sad to see that people are still looking for answers -especially to Troy's death.

Summary: not much Banksy traffic; we get many more visitors by way of Bristol Blogger's site. But that is now sliding down the rankings -google images is bringing in more traffic. There's a reason for that. Between us and Bristol Graffiti, we provide the photographs of Montpelier, Stokes Croft and regions nearby, such as nine tree hill. This is not an accident, this is part of our strategic plans.


Quercus said...

Does adding 48 and 49 nudge Banksy up a little? Personally, I'm missing those queues...

SteveL said...

yes, that may put it above high kingsdown, but below clifton CPZ

The Bristol Blogger said...

Actually I've a confession to make. I claimed that the Banksy exhibition had no effect on my blog purely for comic effect. I didn't even bother to check my stats before I did the post.

In fact I've had 921 visitors to the blog who've used the search term 'Banksy' to find it in the last 3 months.

That's about ten a day. But please don't tell BCC , it only encourages them.

SteveL said...

How many searches a day for "northumbria drive henleaze"? That's the real question.

The Bristol Blogger said...

I've had 31 visitors in the last 3 months searching for 'dildo chair'.

No. I don't know either.

SteveL said...

If you had better hi-viz coverage you'd get even more visitors with "special interests"