Friday 18 September 2009

The problems of Royal York Crescent

As we've been exploring, there is no bike parking in Clifton. There is too much demand for car parking to waste any space on bicycles.

This is Royal York Crescent. It's unusual for the city in that cars park "echelon style". Here they are, in front of the "please park parallel to the kerb" sign.

If they parked parallel, parking capacity would drop significantly. Yes, there may be more space for bicycles, but the road would not be wide enough for cars to pass, so there is no point.

The other way they may effective use of available space is using the build out, here with three cars on it. Together LS51YWD and W359YBW and the car opposite ensure that no small children run out onto the road at this point.

That's important, as there is some steps down from the raised promenade here -this is the highest risk area, so it's good that someone is being conscientious.

There is a little note on that car, CP54PLZ, perhaps a polite message from a neighbour?

No, it's from "Mr Ahmadou". this sounds like one of those names used in the  "business opportunity" emails that come in so often, but no, this man is a professional problem solver
Results are Quick and Guaranteed

No matter how difficult your problem is, there is a solution to it.
Problems regarding black magic, love, sexual impotency, business
transactions, exams and court cases etc. I can help you reunite with
your loved ones, split unwanted relationships and gambling.
For all your problems Mr Ahmadou is the answer.

So there you go, now we get a hint of what the issues in this part of Clifton really are. But even there, you have to conclude that Clifton is still playing catch-up, they saw those flyers in Stokes Croft back in April.


Chris Hutt said...

Perhaps we should invite Mr Ahmadou to sort out our transport problems. Black Magic sounds about par for the course and he would surely be cheaper than the new Transport Service Director on £92k.

SteveL said...

That's a cool idea. Let's dial him up and ask if he can sort out Bristol Transport issues, then ask what his going rate for solving international border disputes are -I expect both to take the same amount of effort.