Saturday 26 September 2009

Sketchy Weekend

Three things this weekend so far:

1. Very sketchy Critical Mass.

Difficult to hold the road (not enough riders, really), but had to make sure my children survived the impatience of certain drivers.

Interestingly though, Friday's ride did prove that even very few road-users can take control of the entire infrastructure. We will be alerting our friends at the Association of British Drivers to see if they can help next month.

2. The students are back.

Careful out there, boy and girls.

Bristol seems to have filled-up this week (and last) with strange new number plates. And although they all have six A* A levels, their driving skills leave something to be desired... But they know how to hoot cyclists. Fantastic.

Maybe they will become educated in the ways of the 'Cycling City' before they leave for top jobs in the (other) City...

3. Redland Mums are out.

Ouch. Or nearly. Be careful, also, for the Redland Mums. They don't say sorry when they cut you up, and they don't like it when you swear at them in front of their children.

I apologise.


SteveL said...

Not a redland mum in a reddish VW Touran by any chance?

Quercus said...

No, a black Avensis.

I shouted at her when she tried to cut me up, but she just accelerated off (she was trying to shave 1 second of her journey time). Only to turn left and park outside her house!. So I had another shout. And she shouted at me the she didn't have time for people like me.

Then went home to get my camera, and duly took a photograph of the offending vehicle. And was confronted by her husband who was very upset that I had the temerity to shout at his wife (and had driven round looking for me).

I explained that she was entirely in the wrong, only to be told she'd been driving for years and never even had a point. I pointed out that had she seriously injured me, or worse still a child, she would probably have lots of time for people like me.

SteveL said...

I look forward to the photo