Thursday, 3 September 2009

More motorbike shortcuts

Here's a couple of shots, courtesy of Google Earth & photoshop to let our motorcycling readers know of a fantastic new short cut that will save you microseconds in your journey. Are you stuck at point A waiting for the lights to change?. But you want to get to point B?. Well, no problem - simply make a sharp left turn and take one of the two routes highlighted in red and pink. Although it's probably illegal (and bad riding), nobody will notice, except maybe those pesky bloggers from Bristol traffic. Just be aware of the annoying pedestrians and cyclists who swarm all over this bit of the short cut as it might add a few nanoseconds onto your journey. It has been rumoured that the council might try and thwart your time-saving by increasing the size of the island at point X, but you can always cut around this by using the two lanes indicated by the dashed lines on the road. Again, beware of the humans wandering around in these lanes, getting in your way. But you're in a hurry, so who cares?.


Adam said...

Not just motorbikes. Had a van do this in front of me. He knew what he was doing too as he held his horn down the whole way to warn all the people crossing the pedestrian crossing at the beginning of Cattle Market Road (which was on the green man) to jump out of his way, which they did luckily.

SteveL said...

Given the alternative is a big long loop round, I think you will find that this is the CO2 saving, fuel saving option. Videos of the van would be welcomed, netxt time.

Adam said...

My camera skills are a bit limited when doing slo-mo style stunt man dives, but I'll try my best.